Firstly before we delve more into Buddhist tattoo art form let's take a look at some of the things about the history of Buddha. Well Buddha whose real name was Siddhartha Gautama was from North India and was a sage. He taught and therefore lived between the sixth and the fourth centuries BC although the exact dates of his life are still unknown. So basically speaking the Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist religion known as Buddhism. This word translated in English to mean the 'enlightened person' which is a key part of the religion. There are nine virtues to be visited during a Buddhist meditation session. Depictions of the Buddha are usually that of a bald, slightly fat man sat cross legged. While a lot of accounts do believe this is what he looked like, others disagree. But most of the Buddhist 'Thai' Buddha tattoos will depict him in this way.

Spritual Blessed Through Tattoo art

So as Buddhism is a path to nirvana if followed correctly, then it's also a kind of spiritual blessing to get your own Buddhist tattoo emblazoned on your body. This is one way to receive a blessing from a monk in the same way as you might receive an amulet during a Buddhist chanting blessing ceremony. There's an important message that people who are wearers of a Buddha tattoo that this is in no way the end.

Select your Buddhist Tattoo carefully

So be careful when selecting your first or subsequent Thai Buddhism tattoos because you will have it for life and people will always ask you about what it means. So choose one that you like not just for the design but also for the meaning and the Buddhist blessing that the tattoo should bestow upon your soul. Be a proud wearer of your Thai tattoo and advise others to get one as well once they have read enough about the topic beforehand.